Sunday, November 25, 2012

What I am most grateful for:

my incredibly adoring Big Guy, who loves me and supports me endlessly

my waaaaaay too serious and intelligent and musically-gifted Alexander

my dimpled, ferociously kind and loving, hug and gray hair giving Maxwell

my fiercely independent, outside-of-the-box thinker, Oooops Baby Jaxon

my loyal and loving, anxious and barky, cuddly and stinky, baby girl Grace

my mother-in-law's fantastic stuffing and pumpkin pie

when my children fight over the last orange, banana or helping of beans

coffee when it hits my lips each morning

My Besties

Peanut Butter M & M's

the crocheted afghan that my Gram made for me that I use when I'm cold and missing her

a strong sense of faith that gets me through things that I never imagined I could endure, let alone survive

Will Ferrell

finding my bravery

glue guns

Fruity Pebbles

floating on a raft in a pool on a beautiful clear day

Bubbles, my 'puter

Modern Medicine

knowing that tomorrow will always be a new day

Thursday, November 15, 2012

What to do? What to do?

UGH! Huge dilemma... I have an opportunity to do a small local craft show that benefits my son's school. The entrance fee is cheap, cheap, cheap so I wouldn't be out a WHOLE lot of money if it didn't work out and I couldn't participate...

I've started to make these adorable little ornaments to offer
customers affordable and unique gift ideas or home decor.
 The problem is my damn body! I've been enduring a wicked flare for the last month or so. Some days I'm great and others are hell. I'm dealing with more pain than usual and it's really wrecking my plans! LOL I've got too much to do fun to be had! I haven't done a craft show in over six long years and I MISS IT! I miss having a one-on-one connection with my customers and the public. I miss the adrenaline rush of setting up my display and anticipating the day. I miss going over the checklist a million times... cash box and change? Glue, tape and scissors? Cute bags and packing material? Business cards and free candies and hand-outs?

I love to see how people react to my creations. I love the challenging
customers who say that they "could make it themselves". Killing people
with kindness and a sense of humor is FUN for me and God-willing,
I seem to easily rise to the occasion.

With this particular show, I am able to set up my booth the night before. My merchandise can't be displayed until the morning, but WOW! Setting up the night before would really break up the hard, physical labor for me. I could have all the difficult tasks done, go home, get to bed early, sleep well and start fresh the day of the show. Could it work? Will my body cooperate?

I am having so much fun using up all kinds of vintage finds that I've
been collecting hoarding over the years... light reflectors, floral picks with snowman
(like the one in this photo), wonderful old flocked ornaments that I'm dressing
up with shiny sequins and ribbons and bells, vintage garland and Santas...
you should SEE my studio with all of these chotchkies everywhere...
it looks like Santa's workshop!!! LOL

I guess this is what I should do... I should pay the entrance fee and register. If I can do it, I CAN DO IT! If I can't... all the fruits of my labor will NOT be lost. I will list all the fun "junque" that I've made in my Etsy Shop, right? But can I handle the disappointment if my body fails me? How could I turn it into a positive? Could I handle the anger and resentment of my diagnosis? You'd think that after four years of sharing my body with Multiple Sclerosis this should be getting easier. Most days it is... some days it's just not!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Girls and Pearls

I'm not much of a Woman's Libber. I love it when my Big Guy opens doors for me and it endears me when he helps me with my coat and purse. I appreciate the respect and that "little extra" love that it shows. I do however resent the roles that I am expected to play... Perfect Wifey-Poo, Mother of the Year, Domestic Goddess, etc. So when I found the quote by Lynn Hecht Schafran, "Why is it that men can be bastards and women must wear pearls and smile?" I knew it was perfect for my latest assemblage box.

I found an AWESOME source on Etsy for vintage wallpaper to use
in my artwork. I used gobs of girly embellishments on this diorama.

Hannah at Fondly Vintage has INCREDIBLE selections of vintage wallpaper and offers thee best customer service out there!

I played with paper clay for the first time and sculpted the tiny bone.
I also made the dog food out of a button and chopped up cork.
Too much fun!!!

You can find my latest piece of assemblage art dioramas at my Etsy shop, Michelle Loves Junque. I'm also adding Christmas items regularly. My home and studio are swamped with Christmas Crafting Chaos!!! LOL Here's a sneak peek at my Christmas Angel. She was a hoot to create. I giggled while putting her together. You can find her in my shop too!

She is almost 100% vintage materials! Aside from the bottle
brush tree that I aged and the glue and wire...

Here's another Christmas Goodie using recycled materials found at various thrift shops and garage sales!

Thrift store platter, Merry Christmas letters, vintage garland and
corsage and a wonderful Garage sale find... vintage chandelier crystals!
I've been a busy girl in the studio stocking Michelle Loves Junque with vintage finds that I've been hoarding since the house move. LOL It's awful. I find the coolest things and then I put them on a shelf. I need to be more diligent about putting them on my CYBER shelves!

Thanks for visiting. Have a great week Friends!