Thursday, January 3, 2013

Let's Play a Game!

After such a successful and fun Christmas crafting season and a little down time celebrating the holidays with my family, I am excited to work on some Valentine's Day and Easter "junque". I love starting the New Year off fresh and neat and tidy. Despite the Christmas tree and ornaments and Santa collection being safely packed away for another eleven months and the house back into a resemblance of order, I am still struggling to tap into my creative mojo in MY STUDIO! It's a jumbled mess of beautiful goodies and my brain is overfilling with new ideas. The process for organizing and creating is painfully slow right now...

Can you believe these working conditions??? I tease My Big Guy that I am a Creative Genius
and cannot be bothered with such lowly tasks as keeping my work space neat and tidy!!!

Let's play a little game! The first person that leaves a comment giving specific details about the location of the Barbie head receives a $10.00 discount at MichelleLovesJunque! (I will give you a secret code to use at check out!)

This messy studio may be intimating to some, but it looks like a little slice of heaven to me! Unfortunately, without the much needed order and neatness, efficiency is completely unattainable. Under these conditions, it took me OVER A WEEK to tweak perfection into this little cutie!

A vintage heart-shaped tart tin has been decorated with thee neatest cherub image, seam
binding ruffles, a paper rose, pearls from a Grandmother's old necklace, vintage red glitter,
a paper banner "With Love" and a ruby red crystal!

I hope you love what you see. And as soon as I can carve out some much needed organization... MORE WILL COME so stay posted!


  1. LOL Hop over to my etsy shop and send me a convo reporting EXACTLY where Barbie lost her head!!! LOL Then I will convo back with the "secret code"! Thanks for playing!!!

  2. Not on here much these days but just have to tell you that I always love to see your photos and creations...very original. Keep it up!