Sunday, September 16, 2012

Flying Lessons

I am sitting here with my fingers firmly in place on Bubbles (My AWESOME Bubble Gum Pink hued Laptop) and staring at this blank screen that will soon become my very first blog post and I am intimidated as shit! Funny because I'm eating Sunsweet prunes... but that's another story altogether!!! I worry about my grammar. I worry about my spelling. I worry about my intelligence. I am trying to quiet my inner voice, the one that reminds me of my fears and is ultimately responsible for holding me back from giving myself the best life I could ever imagine. So this is where I will start. With how I got here, to this empty blog screen.

Life is mysterious. Life is full of miracles. I know this and believe this with all my being. So, I try to listen to the universe and watch for signs. Cute little story to illustrate my point. Bad day... sitting on my porch, feeling like an orphan with no one on my side, bouncy little butterfly flickers around my front garden. I tempt fate and God and her (my beloved Gram who God took out of my life before I was ready) and I said to the Universe, "Gram, if that's you... LAND ON ME!" Well, would you believe that that adorable little butterfly bounced over to me and landed on MY HEAD?!?!?!? It landed on my head! So, there you go... proof that God and Gram want me to happy and love me and all that warm gushy stuff that makes me tick!

Okay, before I get in too far, you should know that I am totally ADD. Seriously. I am medicated for ADD. Not sure if the Cognitive Function part of brain is on the fritz because of the nasty bitch named Multiple Sclerosis that I share my body with or if it's just downright dirty Attention Deficit Disorder, but... anyhoo... I've got it. So my mind is a beautiful mix of ideas, emotions, stories, truths and beliefs all whirled up and jumbled. I may bounce, but bouncing's good, right? Think Tigger from Pooh!!! I'm cuddly, so you have to love me!!! 

Soooooooo... thanks to my awesomely wonderful hubs, who I affectionately refer to as The Big Guy, I received a Kindle for Christmas. I downloaded this awesome (Yes! I'm an 80's girl. I use the word AWESOME a lot, probably too much.) book called Art Saves, by Jenny Doh. If I was a spectacular blogging Queen I feel as though I would put a link in here to quickly and efficiently skip you over to Amazon, but hey, I'm not there yet. Major emphasis on YET!!! Okay! Focus Michelle! I read a chapter in this book about a cool-ass (and I mean that with utmost respect and admiration) chick named Kelly Rae who talked about leaving "simple affirmations in public places for a passerby to discover..." and it stopped me dead in my reading! See, I'm really, REALLY into random acts of kindness so my soul raised it's eyebrow in curiosity. Well, let me tell you, after I saw Kelly's art in the following pages... I WAS BLOWN AWAY. This woman SPEAKS TO ME! 

So I gotta back up a bit. You must understand that I've only recently been able to utter the word "ARTIST" with ANY regards or innuendo towards myself. I can comfortably say that I am a "crafter", but an ARTIST? Yeah, um, NO! Hell NO! ARTISTS use fancy-schmancy materials and expensive brushes and they've gone to COLLEGE for that shit. An ARTIST is NOT some hilly-billy momma that enjoys the feel of cheap acrylic paints on her finger tips. An ARTIST doesn't use A.C. Moore's Bag-O-Brushes at 50 for $2.00. Okay, slight exaggeration. Anyway... I'm S L O W L Y getting used to the idea of being a self-taught artist. Major emphasis on SLOWLY. So...... for me to download a book called "Art Saves" was a pretty huge leap for me, putting myself in a higher league than accustomed. Okay, point being... I was stepping waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay outside of my comfort zone.

Well, this Kelly Rae person... she started popping up EVERYWHERE in my life. One day while I was wasting endless hours on Pinterest (O M G PEOPLE! What in the hell did we do before Pinterest?) and I saw this super-cool neato dresser decoupaged in vintage wallpapers. Hello??? Um... UBER GORGEOUSNESS. Well... guess who's blog that Pinterest post lead me to? KELLY RAE's! LOL So, after perusing her blog and falling in love and thinking that her and I could really be soul mates or at least BFF's I saw "IT". The cute little ad for "Flying Lessons". Flying lessons?   Huh? Weeks pass... I peruse Amazon. (I have a tiny addiction to crafty art books.) Notice if you use "crafty" in front of the word "art"... it saves your ass from failure!  Well, guess who showed up AGAIN in my tiny little red-neck world? KELLY RAE and her book "Taking Flight". 

 Kelly Rae kept showing up in world. Everywhere I went, she was there. So, I did something VERY rare. I ended up enrolling in this crazy class. I am taking FLYING LESSONS. So, this blog, the one that I created over a year ago and haven't touched since, where you are right now... yeah, well this is my first post. I'm learning to fly and I am headed straight towards my dreams!!! 


  1. Congratulations on stretching your wings and taking a leap into the unknown with the rest of us :) I just wanted to say how much I love the energy in your blogposts - your zingyness has made me smile :)

  2. Hi Michelle! I love you blog:)) You speak for from your heart and I really like that! I also joined Kelly´s Flying lessons. Looking forward to seeing you in class:))